The pandemic has changed the world completely. People's behavior also changed and businesses have to follow the trend to survive. Besides that, the advantage of technology also creates new industry. All of these things start to become “new normals”. Let’s look at how these new normals influence the UI/UX industry.

1. The new age of AI and robot


Gamification is a system that scores and records user achievement like in mobile games. Recently, a lot of education applications go viral with gamification as companies like Treehouse, Duolingo and Codecademy use them for all of their courses.

Treehouse gamification design

Social network applications such as Foursquare, Swarm, and fitness applications such as…

6. High contrast

Low contrast colors usually do not highlight components. In a system with many data like a dashboard, several confused components might have a bad impact on a whole system. Therefore, make sure to use a high contrast color to highlight all the components clearly.

7. Ratio in displaying dashboard data

Balancing the text and image ratio…

1. Draft the dashboard layout

Before designing the complete dashboard, the first thing you need to do is to draft the layout. It includes anything such as targets, KPI, coordinate system, graph, images

Similar to any other design, the dashboard should be the first draft on paper. It’s easy to layout your idea on paper…

What is Optimistic UIs?

There are user actions in websites and mobile apps that need to interact with server api and this process can have some time delay. Instead of waiting for a response from the server to update the status of the action, Optimistic UIs will first assume the action will have a…

5. Character, animal, and mascot in Logo

The latest trend in logo design is to use a character or a mascot. Mascot logos can help brands interact better with customers and are also very easy to integrate with other designs such as creating video promotions or social media marketing campaigns…


A notebook with you all the time will help you write down all the ideas that suddenly appear in your mind. Try to visualize your idea with mind map technique and organize it in your notebook so you can easily understand it later


This drawbook is for you to create…

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